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"It is in the stillness and quietude of simply being that we glimpse the magnitude and magnificence of multidimensionality that lies tantalisingly within our grasp."

This angelic site is encoded with very high vibrational energies and is dedicated to peace, harmony and multidimensional consciousness. Working directly with the Angelic Kingdom of Light is part of our soul contract and we regard it as a sacred privilege to be entrusted with facilitating healing, personal development and consciousness expansion.

Enjoy exploring our site and learning about Angelic Healing and Angelic Reiki. When you feel ready, contact us to help you to connect with the Angelic Kingdom of Light in order to:

  • Allow your consciousness to expand to the level that's perfect for you right now.
  • Reach out and embrace the power to free yourself from limitations.
  • Heal trauma and suffering on all levels, throughout all time. 

Angelic Reiki Treatments and Training in Worcester, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Glastonbury, London and throughout the UK and the World